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Benefits of Using Our Solution

CryptoInvestor Inc. will help you develop a interesting crypto trading solution.

CryptoInvestor was developed on Vancouver Island British Columbia Canada a vacation hotspot for many international travelors. While your visiting beautiful british columbia we will help you develope some interesting passive income for your crypto investment.


CryptoInvestor Inc. is compliant with all BC laws regarding crypto and will help you achieve what your looking for in diversifying some crypto assets.


Cyrpto Investor Inc. is a an active bc business commited to excellence and the pursuit of your crypto happiness.


We have a variety of " Smart Suite " solutions unlike our competition we won't foolishly brag about 1 billion dollars under management in LiteCoin assets. We will help you " Keep it real " and not lead you down the golden path. We thought about how this might come of unprofessional but then realized the investment far exceeded our expectation. Either way Im sure we can work with you to keep what your seeing the same as what we are seeing.


Stay convenient. Once you get to know us we will be at your beck and call 24/7 but there is a tricky vetting process of " Taking Hand " if you aren't laughing we arn't winning.


Cyrpto Investor Inc. isn't just some fly by night company that will take your hard earned money and call you up the next day and say well " We lost it ". Its amazing how the crypto olegarchy started and we thank you for taking the direct knowledge seriously. If you arn't happy we aren't happy. Again striving to be as blue collar as possible we wont " Dweeb " you out with some strange nerdy guy from the financial sector in DUBAI. Our offices are headquartered on Vancouver Island, BC and we plan on staying Canadian. Crypto Investor was a CLANDESTINED company with high hopes to become fruitfull and multiply. Are you laughing yet? Are you seriously unserious enough for our financial plan for you. Ask us about our DRIP services. Or hand outs or if your really funny tell us you know about our last reach around.


The new ICO token will be added to the blockchain soon we might make this a minable and stakable coin in the near future but the initial token distribution might take us years to propagate enough coins into circulation before this happens.


We will keep you up to date in your holdings if thats the level of support your needing however with added attention comes added resorces so if you need exclusive 24/7 support you will have to pay a premium for that kind of dedication. Many companies like Amazon, Ebay, Google, Yahoo, Microsoft and other fortune 500 companies are quickly disabling phone support these days with the covid crisis. Some might obviously see this as a excuse to add artificial intelligence and disable many human sector jobs. This might even be the case. While trying to remain calm and objective its clear that many companies are using covid as an excuse to become rich. A hatred for enormous companies and lack of real human support for anyone that does anything at all seems to identify achievements of Crypto Investor. It might even be a quick objectionable " your paying " then hanging up thousands of times to get the message across but again sometimes you can't even get through to the human element to even insult someone begging for one. We might revise this but the facts are clear these companies attack people because they focus on profitibility and the service level is just slightly above mentally incompetant.


Product Details

We only offer our opinion in exchange for your crypto and your expectation at the moment not really a product?

product images

Quality Management System
QMS Software Solution

This was tricky we cleverly disguise automation software with human beings that like to just take your crypto omg I hope you read this far before giving us the billion!

No crypto investor inc isn't drinking beer and the site started to get worst honest.

product images

Secure and Cloud
Based Software Mangement


Maybe you laughed maybe you cried maybe you just don't get it.

product images

Crypto Mobile Banking

We don't offer a mobile banking solution but we are working towards that in the future.

Many larger companies are working diligently patching security errors in the mobil banking sector so for now we will not tackle that one.


Q1 2021 Plans to introduce a mobile wallet for our coins

January, 18 2021PLANNING
roadmap image

We plan on bringing our crypto node online increasing our profit taking.

roadmap image

Without getting too far ahead here we do plan on brining a exchange online.

March, 29th 2021TOKEN SALE
roadmap image

Late March 2021 we plan on giving back with a token buy back program buying back tokens from the initial sale.

roadmap image

Like most fortune 500 companies most of our earnies will result in the market pricing and sale of our tokens on the public market. Future projects will be a exchange wallet which will be easy to sell your crypto investor tokens on for other cryptocurrency.

About Us

Recently brought into the fold as a corporation most if not all of our umbrella companies will derive their income from CryptoInvestor. In operation since December 2020 we plan on bringing a new and exciting corporate business structure that will be inviting to most new investors in the crypto sector.

  • Furture Projects will include a Android/Iphone App
  • Serpentine Wally Gimble (patented)
  • Golden Paracute Technology

Team Players

Consisting of many public coin offerings.

team member

Many Project managers will soon be added publically.

Earnie Louder Founder & CEO

team member

Long time Crypto Investing Analyst with the CIA.

Tim Schwartz Co-founder & CTO
team member

Started a little late but quickly earning like a champion.

Ted Brixell Co-founder & COO
team member

Vlaimir has many bitcoin skills adding to the pile.

Vlaimir Marketing Officer
team member

Making sure the CFO is on his toes and assesing the market price correctly.

Karl Webelton ICO Specialist
team member

More co-ordination with the cfo making the clock spin.

Barny Slonick ICO Specialist
team member

Making that red skin redder.

Ken Phelm Cryptocurrency Specialist
team member

A amazing background in crypto negotiations.

Alex Turnbull Technology Officer
team member

Pricological Officer enforcing pricing policy.

Max Chief Advisor
team member

Max worked in crypto legal dept for years.

Fen Glenmore Advisor
team member

Headed up the bitcoin recovery effort in shezhen province.

Viyalyuk Biff Advisor
team member

Some amazingly important stuff.

Blog Lives Matter Advisor
team member

A small team deplyed in many countries we can get the job done and your crypto traced and analized in minutes with boots on the ground.

Sandy Stenner Advisor
team member

Day to day goes by so fast it was a pleasure to hire her personally.

Petra Nogoslawya Advisor
team member

Max Advisor
team member

After his tour in I rack he went on to tell us much about how he to works at the and even gives tips to

Stewie Advisor
$18 Dollars

People from all around the world have purchased our tokens.

I know how hard it is to believe but it can be purchased
Whats Vitalik's net worth? Our Intellectual token shall never encourage those that it will go up in price.

Token Distribution

Token distribution is always tricky if you have the honest intent of giving it to real human beings as a store of value. The soul purpose of this was to enrich the company enough to hire a employee.

Advisory Board: 5%
Dispensaries: 5%
Bounties: 10%
Reserve: 10%
Pre-sale: 20%
Token Sale: 50%

Find the Best Cryptocurrency Prices

Primarily Bitcoin has been the majority of holders of crypto wealth for years many altcoins also store serious values like litecoin, ethereum, zcash and many others.


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Cryptocurrency Trading Updates

Bitcoin really starting to become valuable.

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We will monitor the sector and update you in the future.

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